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Loro Piana shoes are defined by excellence in craftsmanship, an obsession with the highest quality materials and the utmost attention to detail. Its repertoire of accessories for shoes empower you with the potential to enhance their longevity and keep their impeccable form all year round.
Loro Piana men’s accessories for inside shoes
To prevent shoes from losing their form over time and their original structure deteriorating, insert a Loro Piana shoe tensioner inside the silhouette. The shoe-tensioner stretches the upper and keeps it taut and in shape. Leather shoes can experience deforming as they adapt to the unique intricacies of each foot, so minimise this effect with wooden shoe shapes that maintain the original form. Shoe shapes can also be used for enlarging shoes that initially feel on the narrow side.
Cedarwood shoe accessories: The benefits
A selected array of Loro Piana shoe shapes are made of cedar wood and polished gold metal. Cedarwood has two unique qualities: it resounds with naturally fragrant distinction, and is primed for absorbing moisture and odours. With these traits the shoes retain a new feeling for an enhanced period of time. To properly store shoes, the wooden shoe tensioner should be used regularly, from the day the shoes are purchased and must be stored in the shoe rack every day. The shoe will be in the best position to avoid unsightly folds when it is treated with care and consistency.

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Shoe trees
Shoe trees



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