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Follow your senses to discover the wonder of Cashmere

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Breathe in the immensity of the great horizons

With no trees in sight, the frozen Mongolian plains are juxtaposed with the warm coat of the Capra hircus goat.

Unwavering resilience in extreme seasons yields unparalleled softness.

An equally harsh summer sweeps through the rolling sand dunes of the Alashan province in northern China.

From the scorched earth arises the exhilarating petrichor, sparked by an unannounced rainfall.

Be carried away by the essence of the desert


Stay alert to sense the sweeping winds of change

Vigorous and unmistakable, Mother Nature sends an instinctive invitation to shed the fleece layer that protects the goats from the severe cold.

Together with expert herders for an orchestra of knowhow.

We commit to select only flocks that live in ideal conditions, in order to guarantee the finest Cashmere.

Hear the gentle rustle of delicacy


Delight in the alchemy of Cashmere

The legacy of our iconic Cashmere began with a scarf, and has now transformed into a multifaceted world of elegance and refined comfort.

Feast your eyes on a mere 15-15.5 microns in diameter.

The 200 grams of exemplary fibre is given life and developed into new consistencies.


Awaken your senses with the sublime touch of Cashmere on your skin

Discover Cashmere:
The Origin of a Secret

Discover our excellences

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