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Follow your senses to discover the wonder of Vicuña

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Savour the splendour of an inherently majestic land

Feel the crisp air that dances over the Andes Mountains at an impressive altitude of over 4,000 metres.

A fascinating land that is home to the Vicuña, a regal, long endangered species.

The arrival of spring is the sacred moment when Vicuña can be respectfully sheared and given back to the wilderness of the Andes. This may only happen once every two years.


Envelop yourself in a symphony of ancient tradition

To protect this precious species, the Vicuña must be shorn and then released back into their natural habitat. We go above and beyond to respect centuries-old rituals.

When the silence of nature is punctured by the call of the Andean people.


The animals are summoned with the melodies of traditional musical instruments. This ceremoniuous shearing of the venerated Vicuña ensures it is safeguarded from the extinction which was threatened before Loro Piana and government intervened.


Wear the fibre
of the gods

Only a fortunate few can appreciate this ultrafine fibre due to the limited production. Each individual animal produces only 200 grammes of fibre.

Behold the fleece of 35 Vicuña in just one overcoat.


Awaken your senses with the sublime touch of Vicuña on your skin

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