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Vicuña is the finest, rarest animal fibre in the world
Rare, supersoft baby cashmere is obtained solely from the underfleece of Hircus goat kids
Double fabric crafted with hidden stitching that guarantees an impeccable finish and ensures the garment is very light weight
Sleeves in The Blend, plain-knit
Light-weight, straight cut and classic fit
Zip fastening
Upright contoured rib-knit collar
Vertical welt pockets
Suede piping along the contoured facings, with two pockets set in
Composition: 70% cashmere 30% vicuña
Trim: sleeves 50% cashmere 50% vicuña, collar 50% cashmere 50% vicuña, other trim 100% suede goatskin


Dry clean only using hydrocarbons. Clean separately inside out. Warm iron.

Within the U.S. we ship using FedEx and we offer three shipping options:

Regular - complimentary: Order should arrive within 7 business days.
Expedited: Order should arrive within 3 business days.
Same Day Delivery: We provide same day delivery in Manhattan and, in some cases, to the Tri-State area

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Vicuña, the finest animal fibre that can be found in the wild, is Loro Piana’s most exclusive offering.

Known as The Fibre of the Gods, this golden, ultra-soft fleece derives from a small member of the camel family that lives wild in the Andes: the vicuña.

A vicuña can only be sheared once every two years, and a total of five times during their life. The extreme rarity of the material has made the species vulnerable to poachers who try to obtain their prized fleece.

Due to Loro Piana’s tireless efforts to protect and nurture this extraordinary creature, the once threatened vicuña population has slowly recovered and is now thriving in Peru and Argentina.

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