Everything flows, yet some experiences
are here to stay.


The harmoniously shaped Loro Piana bag
designed to stay forever by your side.
Grain Matt Leather - Eucalyptus
Smooth Satin Leather - Kummel
Smooth Satin Leather - Greenstone
Grain Matt Leather - Sunset Rose

An ode to the origins.

Sesia owes its name to the river that flows gentle and sinuous through the valley where Loro Piana excellence springs. With its flowing line that glides from the smooth contours of natural objects to the organic shapes of modernist design and its delicate shades inspired by Italian landscapes, it’s the emblem of a timeless connection between nature and human ingenuity that has always been a distinctive trait of Loro Piana craftsmanship.

Grain Matt Leather - Buttercup

An all-round experience
of refined luxury.

Curved in shape, soft to the touch, Sesia projects a sense of effortlessness, continuity and femininity. An icon of craftsmanship designed to be enjoyed with both the eyes and the hands, soaking up the suppleness of the colours while caressing the grain of the leather.

Grain Matt Leather - Sunset Rose
Smooth Satin Leather - Kummel

More than a bag,
a statement

The campaign staged
by David Sims.

Sesia is embodied by three women with eclectic personalities: Natalia Vodianova, Russian-born supermodel and philanthropist, Malika Louback, French Djibouti engineer and model, and Tong Liya, Chinese actress. International, urban, passionate and committed, the personalities are revealed as they are in themselves: a bold and spontaneous modernity.

Grain Matt Leather - Eucalyptus
Smooth Satin Leather - Kummel
Smooth Satin Leather – Delicate Rose

Made to harmoniously fit
the twists and turns of daily life.

Sesia heralds an idea of style as balance. The unique features of its organic design make it the perfect company to live any occasion naturally and elegantly. From working hours to leisure time, Sesia adapts to the needs of a contemporary lifestyle thanks to the softness of its shape and the fluency of the lines.

Smooth Satin Leather - Kummel
Grain Matt Leather - Eucalyptus

A line that adapts
to any of your wishes.

Staying true to the vision that inspired it, Sesia comes in a kaleidoscope of sizes, colours and materials, designed to match different attitudes and ways to carry yourself.
Lose yourself into the whole collection and find your best match.

Make it yours

A selection of straps, either in matching leather or suitcase stripe fabric, allow to interpret Sesia as you wish, or need. Make it even more distinctive choosing one of the padlock charms in metal with enamelled logo and leather lace designed to highlight its character.

Smooth Satin Leather - Greenstone
Smooth Satin Leather - Kummel
padlock charm crest grain matt leather
monochrome shoulder strap 40 smooth satin lea.
padlock charm logo smooth satin leather
stripes shoulder strap 55 smooth satin lea
padlock charm logo smooth satin leather
stripes shoulder strap 55 smooth satin lea

Masterfully Crafted
by Loro Piana

Sesia is the ultimate expression of a time-honoured passion for beauty and quality.
800 steps in the making, 20 artisans involved in the process and 83 different elements masterfully assembled using scrupulous techniques that draw on artisanal tradition give life to a design that brings together roots, modernity and a renewed commitment toward the environment.

Eager for more?

Sesia’s full range of colours, materials and sizes awaits to be discovered in our selected stores.

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