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Product details

Composition: 100% cashmere


Product details

Composition: 100% cashmere

wash by hand or at 30 degrees using neutral detergent (Loro Piana Cashmere Soap) or dry clean using perchloroethylene. Clean separately inside out. Warm iron.

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Baby Cashmere

Baby cashmere is Loro Piana’s exclusively fibre obtained from the underfleece of Capra hircus kids.

Incomparably soft, light and precious, baby cashmere is 15% finer than even the finest cashmere from adult goats.

Baby cashmere is available in extremely limited quantities since it can only be gathered once in a lifetime from each kid, making it one of Loro Piana’s rarest offerings.

This highly prized fibre exists today primarily due to Loro Piana’s pioneering spirit and creative enterprise. Ultimately, it is the fulfilment of a dream in establishing a new frontier of excellence.

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